Future of the world depends on the children of today

22 Feb

One person doing good can inspire a few others. A few doing good can inspire many. Many doing good can inspire the world. It’s time for each one of us to do good and change the world. Our future lies in the children. Motivate them, help them and join hands with them to create a better tomorrow. The problem being addressed is putting a stop to child labour, providing them with a proper education, helping them in each stage of growth and motivating them to be good citizens.

The beneficiaries will be each and every one of us. We are going to change our future by helping the children. The children will then be a benefit to the world. This can be done by implementing a change within each of us, as we all can make even a minor change in the world. We all should take a pledge to save or help a child or make his or her future brighter. The world will follow you. Let’s make this world a better place to live. Challenges can be faced at every turn. They are hard to predict, but make yourself strong by dedication and enthusiasm in whatever you do. Society will follow you and changes will be made. I am inspired by my parents and the almighty. There are thousands of similar problems faced by the world today. All can be solved and the solution is you. Change should start from within us.

I hope my ideas will inspire at least few. Those few can spread my idea to many and they can spread it to the world. Let’s go for it.

My love for the future of the country is inspiring me and our future lies in the children who are going to change this world. Never ignore them or ignore their rights. Help them, find time for them, share their thoughts, inspire and motivate them.  I am sure there can’t be a better future than that.






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One response to “Future of the world depends on the children of today

  1. aswin

    May 24, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    good job..


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