Alumnus Santosh Kumar, returns to SCMS- COCHIN, now as a consultant

22 Feb

Santosh Kumar owns a research and process consultancy. Focusing more on the qualitative aspect, the company looks into interpretation and analysis of data. It is based on the premise of inter-department dependency. For example, in the marketing department, certain areas of work, like, marketing goods as per its price, would also require the support of the finance department. Thus, there’s a need to streamline the processes to make the dependency quotient as seamless as possible, says  Santosh.

The company today boasts of a wide range of national as well as international clients from the US and Europe like HP Global, Dell, and IDG connect etc. are just a few.

Speaking about his clients, Santosh grows sentimental about his alma mater and we soon find out why. SCMS- COCHIN is also the main client of his company. Starting off as a journalist with the Times of India, Santosh followed what he says was the “trend” back then and wrote entrances for Masters in Business Administration. MBA happened! Despite joining a college in his home state itself (SCMS-COCHIN), Santosh says, he got a lot of exposure. He worked for about two years and subsequently, started his own consultancy firm.

Today, his typical day in office is full packed. Since most of the clients are US or UK-based, a short nap is what keeps him going. In order to alleviate pressure, the firm has hired about twelve people fromDelhiwho take care of backend analytics. Various virtual employees are also based inPolandandAustria. The Front Operations Agency (FOA) controls operations in Delhi, Kerala and Mumbai. Due to major accounting and payment issues, some time back, the consultancy opted for US and UK-based client servicing thanIndia, Santosh says, “becomes a bit difficult with regard to on-time payments.”

Reminiscing his college days, Santosh says, “In our hostel, we were called wo-zoos—the world of opportunities at SCMS- COCHIN overpowered us, the animals, who had become a cause of disturbance and worry for the neighbors.”

Another incident that had him in splits was when his group of friends wrote fake letters to fellow women classmates. “It created a furor; there was a lot of crying and heartache involved. But back then, it was very exciting for us.”

On the college faculty, one name that stands out for Kumar is that of Professor Paulose, “the most visible face in those days.” Mr Pramod provided a rare opportunity of “mentoring and parenting the student. This way of guiding the student in the right direction is vital,’’ says Santosh.

Now, after all these years, Santosh intends to take things a little easy. The present job, he thinks, would culminate in a resting period that would take away all the pressure and stress. He, anyway,  never believed in the rat race. For him, it is useless to compete against one’s self since it would involve “bias” with the others, it might bring in the “other’s weakness” — a slow competitor can negate a “perfect evaluation of the self.”

Santosh advises a positive approach to aspiring consultants and consultancies.  While acknowledging the low su

ccess rate of India-born consultancies, Santosh says he’s hopeful about the newcomers who are enthusiastic and constantly advance the work flow with time.

For MBA students, he recommends a balanced outlook. Instead of getting shocked if the reality does not meet one’s expectations, Santosh says, “a sense of balance must be struck on the scales of theory and praxis of the management nuances.” This, according to him, is the key to an opportunistic world.

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