SCMS Cochin is different because it has a soul carefully nurtured-Sri S.V. Nathan

20 Feb

While comparing SCMS Cochin with other management institutes, Shri S. V. Nathan, Director-Talent, Deloitte India said, “In some institutions the students are excellent, the faculty is excellent, but they don’t have a soul. But, SCMS Cochin is different. It has a soul, which is carefully nurtured”. Shri Nathan who visited SCMS Cochin for the 18th Annual Convocation of the PGDM students as the Guest of Honour was quite impressed by the way the students at SCMS Cochin are being groomed.

Deloitte India, a part of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited which is known for providing excellent audit, financial advisory, tax and consulting services across the globe is seeking young talent from SCMS Cochin. The organization’s HR team has visited the campus a couple of times for recruitments and the visits have always been fruitful. Shri Nathan shares that initially Deolitte had come to India only for the benefit of low cost. However, the organization has realized thatIndiais not only rich in terms of knowledge but also there is a great potential in the country’s youth. “We have the people who are incredibly brilliant. The energy level of India is something unparalleled”, he said.

On being asked as to what is it that they look for while hiring a candidate, Shri S. V. Nathan shared, “The most important quality we look for in the students we recruit is whether they are willing to learn anything new”. He said that we also look for candidates having zest for their work and was glad to share that SCMS Cochin students possess these qualities. He appreciated the management for following a stringent admission procedure and also gave credit to the faculty members for grooming the students so well and making them industry ready.

Shri Nathan also praised the SCMS Cochin culture. He said, “What I like about SCMS Cochin is your very rich culture”. “The students of SCMS Cochin and the professors I meet speak to me with humility. Among your very senior people here I could see a great quality, that is, even when they do really spectacular things they let their work speak for itself. This is a very special quality of this institution”, he added. He went on to compare the SCMS Cochin culture with the work environment at Deloitte. “Since Deloitte is also a highly value-based and culture-based organisation it becomes quite comfortable to work with a similar institution, SCMS Cochin”, he said.

By his conversation it was clearly visible that Shri Nathan was quite impressed with the way SCMS students were being nurtured and his concluding sentence, “The fact that Deloitte recruiting team had visited you thrice during this year is making a loud statement about the additional value you give”, made it even more evident.

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One response to “SCMS Cochin is different because it has a soul carefully nurtured-Sri S.V. Nathan

  1. George Kurian

    February 29, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    Dear All,
    Really happy to see top ranked recrutiers coming to SCMS.
    George Kurian
    MBA 5 – SSTM – SCMS.


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