Former- Actor, Student, Faculty at SCMS Cochin, Suja Karthika speaks about her bond with the B-school

15 Feb

After half-a-decade-long acting career in Malayalam media, Suja Karthika studied Finance  in PGDM at SCMS Cochin. She expresses her gratitude calling the institute “a wonderful platform to let me live the five to six years of school that I missed due to my acting career.” Her zeal to do well drew her to study at the SCMS Cochin. The fire burnt bright even after the completion of her course. That’s when Karthika requested the then faculty to allow her to teach at the institute. That’s also why she calls herself an “experienced student.” The teaching profession, she feels, apart from giving her a sense of security with respect to the job timings, is also her passion.

When she recalls her days at the SCMS Cochin as a student, Karthika gets nostalgic. After all, it wasn’t  too long back when she was studying Finance and Marketing  and now, she’s teaching the same subjects. Thus, she tends to get a broader perspective of how things are at both ends. While as a student she knew all about the difficulties of attending classes, being on the other side , she tries making her lectures more interesting for the students.  She also realizes the importance of presenting the information in the most comprehensive way possible.

Suja feels since she got to observe the system from the student’s point of view, teaching for her is a combination of fun and frolic and knowledge dissemination. “General management lays the base for others streams of management.” she says. Advocating management education being imparted in Kerala, she gives all credit to the SCMS for “bridging the gap between world class standards and the education on offer here.”

For all those MBA aspirants striving to bell the CAT, Suja recommends a heavy dose of positive attitude. She exemplifies her statement with a look at today’s management structure, which essentially consists of a course on organizational behavior. The way in which one sees a situation and reacts to it, how one faces tough times and easy ones, is what matters, she says. “One must always try keeping a positive attitude in life,” she adds.

Here, SCMS Cochin helps the student build a positive character in various ways. Along with a 100 per cent placement rate, the institute provides students a great exposure to develop their overall personality. SCMS Cochin offers a plethora of co-curricular activities ranging from Onam competitions and sports days — that provide an opportunity for a healthy interaction between students from different courses —  to the well-known Indo- US-Sino Meet that entails a broader framework of inter-nation interaction between the delegates,” she says.

She ends with: “SCMS Cochin offers a world of opportunities which are so important for positive growth of a student’s being.”

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