Students from different cultures find a new home at SCMS Cochin

07 Feb

Besides the excellent education imparted at SCMS Cochin, what sets it apart from the other B-schools is its breathtaking location. Situated near the Cochin Backwaters, the institute offers an invigorating atmosphere. One can never feel exhausted or stressed out at such a place.

In fact, despite their hectic schedules, students still manage to find time for rejuvenation. “We have lectures till 5 pm almost every day and are involved in some project or the other at all times. So, life could get quite monotonous for us. However, a tour of the backwaters does the trick and we are refreshed,” says a first year student. There are similar other ways to fight the fatigue; a walk along the coconut trees being one of them. “The location of our college is such that we can never feel dull or dreary,” adds another student.

The SCMS Cochin has a great infrastructure and offers an amazing environment to learn and grow. It’s no wonder then that the institute receives a large number of admission applications from students from across the country each year. So, one big challenge faced by the management is to integrate the students from different cultural backgrounds. However, SCMS Cochin exemplifies unity in diversity, with students living in complete harmony, their only aim being to fulfill their dream. “We are not discriminated against because of our cultural background,” says a student from Manipur.

The management at SCMS Cochin does its best to bring these students together. “In order to break the ice, we try engaging our students – who are from different cultural backgrounds — in various group activities where they are encouraged to work together,” says a senior faculty member. Both the faculty and the management at SCMS Cochin understand the importance of creating a healthy environment for the students’ overall growth; and one look at the campus only confirms it.

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