Good education blended with hard work can take you places, say SCMS Cochin Alumni

30 Jan

Most of the top brands of the country conduct campus recruitments and absorb a large number of students from this institute to fill various positions in their organization. The SCMS Cochin students have always met their expectations and worked for the growth of these companies.

Without a doubt, SCMS Cochin students have emerged successful in the ventures they have undertaken after graduating from the institute. Three very good examples are Shri. Shivanandan Pare, COO Reliance BIGADDA, Mumbai; Shri. Sunil Baby, Branch Head LG Mobile, Andhra Pradesh and Shri. G. Ananthakrishnan, Sr. Account Director, BT India, Bangalore. All three graduated from SCMS Cochin a decade ago and have reached a point in their career only a few are able to attain.

The three set out on different adventures in the corporate world. Starting their careers with small firms, they eventually went on to grab good positions at some of the top brands of the country. Shri. Shivanandan started his career with Onkyo, switched to Mekhraj Financials and finally began his successful stint at the Reliance Group. He changed the business model at Reliance significantly by converting it from social networking/media to alternate retailing. “We are what we think we can be. Think and live life king-size, accepting the uncertainties,” said the COO of Reliance BIGADDA, Mumbai. Sunil Baby also worked with different companies in various locations and finally became the Branch Head of LG Mobile. Shri. Ananthakrishnan too served various organizations including GTL, HCL Connect Systems and Communications and Hughes Communications and then went on to join BT India. “One shouldn’t be waiting for an opportunity to come by, rather one needs to knock at the door of opportunities”, said Shri. Ananthkrishnan.

All three of them are hard-working, dedicated, passionate about their work and have a good educational background.

These alumni give credit for their achievements to the education they acquired at SCMS and the hard work and dedication put in by them. They believe the right knowledge and guidance plays an important part in a person’s professional career. It sets a strong base for an individual to grow, but what he becomes mainly depends on how much effort and hard work he puts i“College and our degree can help us in building a better foundation, but what we do with that foundation totally depends on us,” said Sunil Baby.

Shri. Ananthkrishnan agreed with him, saying: “For an individual to excel in life he needs to have the Arjuna Focus. We need to have that passion and focus to rock in our career,” he added.

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One response to “Good education blended with hard work can take you places, say SCMS Cochin Alumni

  1. Mahesh

    March 17, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    My life in SCMS- COCHIN showed me that Hard work can fetch miraculous results. I have experienced the same within 2 years of my Corporate Life.


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