SCMS Cochin maintains a professional culture and nurtures good values

26 Jan

Each management institute these days offers more or less the same set of management programs. The curriculum of these programs is also similar as it is designed with professional help keeping in mind the latest market scenario. What is it then that differentiates these institutes from each other? What makes certain institutes outshine the rest?

It is the culture and values of an institute that sets it apart. At SCMS Cochin, the management ensures that a healthy culture is maintained as it understands its importance in a student’s life. The institute also values the necessity of providing good quality education and imparting it the right way and thus offers rich and transformative education. As Dr. G. P. C. Nayar puts it, “Our quality level has been accepted by the National Board of Accreditation. Way back in 1998, the expert team for accreditation which visited us recommended accreditation for SCMS Cochin and that is being renewed every five years. We still continue to be a B. school of high quality as per their assessment. Accreditation is the final test for the quality of a B. school”. The faculty members at SCMS Cochin train the students in a way that they are prepared to think and act wisely and spontaneously in any given market scenario. However, these habits and abilities cannot be inculcated in the students only by the way of classroom teachings and special grooming sessions. It is the overall culture and atmosphere at SCMS Cochin that boosts confidence in a student and helps him evolve.

SCMS Cochin students are involved in various activities that help in enhancing their analytical and decision making skills. “We ensured that the students learned far beyond the syllabus. We wanted to train the students to become competent managers,  decision makers and analysts and develop enough skills in communication, interpersonal relations and so many other areas essential to ensure a successful career life”, shared Dr. G. P. C. Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group. SCMS also values the importance of team work and inculcates the same in its students.

Thousands of students from across the country take admission in various courses at SCMS Cochin. Students come in contact with their counterparts from different parts of the country. Interacting with students from different regions and sharing cross cultural experiences in itself is a great way of learning a number of new things.

“I am sure that we have succeeded to a considerable extent in our effort. We stand out today because of these special inputs we provide to our students”, added Dr. G. P. C. Nayar.

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