SCMS SIKHAR: Towards the Pinnacles of Success

04 Jan

Brain teasing and capability defying challenges will be thrown open to all participating teams. The competitions are many and the winners, just a few. All the rest are second best.

Clean, Green, Fighting Machine:

For The Best Manager speed is a need. The circumstances are difficult and the results – uncertain. The Manager who thinks on his feet and beats all the others into swift retreat will take home the one mega prize – Rs. 25,000. Not a rupee less.

Weather the Storm:

Knowledge is king. Too much can be useless, and too little could lead you to lose. Brush up your brains, bite the Business Quiz bullet and be the warrior that wins. It is all a matter of points. Even a fraction can make a winner!

Global Warming:

Brand Wars happen all the time. These wars are what make business exciting. Staying one step ahead of the competition, being a little ahead of your time has it rewards. It really is a brand war, folks


What’s the The Business Plan? Making it BIG always needs a plan. The best business plan has to be a sure shot to success.

Green Stock:

Green is the colour of money. Green is the colour of sustainability. Picking your stocks right is a big Stock Game. Nobody knows the results and the money you make could help you win.

Think Outside the Can: It’s a Mad Ads story. The one that wins has to funny, short, quirky and brand memorable.


A company is built by its people. The right people. The HR Game is for those passionate about people.

Web Focus:

A shrinking globe. The fight for eyeballs is online. The virtual world is all agog. May the most creative win this IT Game.


Event Management is big these days. The attractive style takes you to the winning mile.

Eye on Sustainability:

A Treasure Hunt like no other, this one is all about living within your means and living green. This contest has only one winner who gets Rs. 10,000.

All contests, other than the ones where prizes are mentioned, will have two prizes wait to be won! The 1st is Rs. 8000 and the 2nd is half at Rs. 4,000.

Ecotainment is entertainment with the sustainability twist. Performances, lights and sound. Its magic at SCMS on 30, Jan, 2012, 6 pm onwards.

Dates: 30 and 31 January, 2012.

Registration Fee: Rs. 200 plus.

Accommodation (optional): Rs. 400 per day. 

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