Jala Samruddhi: A Project on Rain Harvesting by the SCMS Business School’s PGDM Students

02 Jan

Just as other Rain Harvesting Projects, JALA  SAMRUDHI also aimed at collecting and storing the rain water for the purpose of reusing it. The students seemed thrilled about the project. Their enthusiasm was visible in the way they came up with different ideas to make the project a success.

It is always helpful when you study about the subject before starting with a project. SCMS Business School students understand and value this fact. Thus began their project after a thorough study on the rain water harvesting system-a good amount of research about the various things involved in building a rain water harvesting system was done. The project was initiated in October this year. A total of 19 PGDM students were involved in it.

 Assistant Professor, Smt. Joby Joy who was the Project Faculty Coordinator for Jala Samruddhi was a great assistance for the students. The PGDM students admit that without his guidance they wouldn’t have been able to do the task so well.

 The project was inaugurated at the SCMS Prathap Nagar campus near the water treatment plant at SSTM building on 4th of October at12 PM.

Ms Cleo Paskal, the associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of International Affairs based in Chatham House,UK was invited to inaugurate the project. The PGDM student representatives, Ms. Joby Joy, the Director of SCMS-Cochin, Dr. V. Raman Nair and some of the faculty members were also present at the inauguration ceremony.

The efforts put in by the PGDM students were appreciated by one and all.

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