Accreditation process working its magic on SCMS

02 Jan

Since applying for accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) there’s been a “magical change” at SCMS says Dr. Bijoy Sahoo, Dean of the School of Business at North Carolina Central University,U.S.A.

Dr. Sahoo, SCMS’s mentor through the accreditation process, said on a recent visit to SCMS “When I met the faculty I found them well qualified and very good. They took pride in what they did. Individually they were self-aware. But, as a group they were not strong enough.”

“However, while the accreditation process is in an advanced stage, now, I find the faculty interacting more among themselves and moving as a team. That is a magical change. That is the way an institution becomes better. Many more things are happening now. I suggest that the faculty should go on continuously introspecting, evaluating and examining, in terms of why they are doing what they are doing. It does not matter how good they are, there is a way how they can be still better.”

Noting accreditation is not a management-driven process, but rather faculty driven, he said when the faculty becomes accountable the quality of instruction rises, the curriculum improves as does the learning, learning environment and the institution.

“Consequently, the institution produces better educated and better prepared students for the industry,” said Dr. Sahoo. “I have seen dramatic changes in schools that have used the accreditation process to their advantage.”In general, Dr. Sahoo sees the quality of business education inIndiais changing from being totally skill-based to blend of skill-based and value-based.

The reason, he said, is two-fold – business has realized the need to become more socially responsible and secondly, “industry expects the students they hire from the campuses to demonstrate their worth from day one onwards. The companies want to make sure that they get the money’s worth. So, they are investing more in internships and contributing money to b. schools in order to encourage better industry- business school collaboration.”

In today’s global marketplace, Dr. Sahoo said it is encouraging to see Indian professionals are getting increased recognition.“But, I think, more needs to be seen and evaluated in terms of the percentage of professionals who are doing well, who are able to leave a mark in their field, and the transformation they are able to bring in by way of business processing,” he said.

As more business professionals are being produced by b-schools, Dr. Sahoo said when there is no longer a dearth of such professionals, quality will be a key issue when it comes to hiring.And those changes to upgrade the quality of education are happening in India today, he said “but, happening only in pockets. It is not evenly distributed.”

 He noted he was impressed with SCMS from his first visit.

“I was so impressed by the infrastructure and the credibility. Everything kept spotless and well organised. I found the faculty and the students to be professional. They dress professionally, talk professionally. And, my first reaction was “Wow.”

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