Education Minister, Kerala has praise for SCMS at convocation ceremony

26 Dec

During his five year tenure as Education Minister he said this was only the second time he had visited a self-financing institution, noting while he is not against them, the concept of self-financing institutions has been abused in practice.

But that’s not the case at SCMS.

“I am extremely thankful to Dr. G. P. C. Nayar (chairman of the SCMS Group) for having co-operated with the state government in its endeavour to bring in some amount of discipline in the functioning of self-financing institutions,” said the minister. “It goes without saying that if the leaders of a particular self-financing institution itself are committed to certain values, norms, discipline and excellence in education, like SCMS, a self-financing institution can function as a role model for other institutions.”

In his address to the 242 graduates, the minister cited the need for self-discipline saying it is “the most essential quality required for anyone to achieve something unachievable in his profession or life.”

By sheer determination, perseverance and discipline anything is possible, he said, adding that if students planned their course in life with “determination, perseverance and discipline, you would be able to dream big and you will be able achieve big things.”

It was a theme echoed by Dr. Nayar, who said strict discipline is what differentiates SCMS from other institutions.

Discipline requires unlearning bad habits, requires courage to resist temptations and requires a clear perception of values.

“From day one onwards our priority job in the campus is to instil these qualities among the fresh students,” said Dr. Nayar.

“Discipline demands relentless focus on what matters most,” he said. “Whatever be your pursuits in life, a life of meaning can be attained only through strict self-discipline.”

Among the other dignitaries attending the convocation was S.V. Nathan, Director-Talent, Deloitte Consulting India, who presented the gold medal for the first rank holder to Nandini Krishnan and the award for the best outgoing all rounder to Goutham Krishnan.

Also speaking to the graduates were Dr. D. Prasanth Nair, President and Head, Human Resources and Special Projects, Thomas Cook India; Prof. A.K. Nair, Vice-Chairman, SCMS Group; Dr. V. Raman Nair, Director, SCMS-Cochin; Prof. K.J. Paulose, Dean-Management Studies and Dr. Filomina P. George, Dean-Academic Administration.

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